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TWiST signOur school library is referred to as the TWiST, to mirror our vision statement and show that this facility is much more than a place where books are stored.
Together We Shape Tomorrow through information, interaction and imagination – this belief underpins Frenchville State School’s vision and beliefs around 21st century learning and comes to life in the TWiST centre.
The TWiST centre is the information hub of the school. It was built through the federal government's 'Building the Education Revolution' initiative  and was opened in 2011.

Library facilities

This multi-purpose wireless space enables all students an opportunity to come together and share information. It houses the:
  • TWiST theatre: a multimedia classroom capable of showing computer, video and DVD presentations to a large audience seated in tiered rows.
  • TWiST lab: This computer lab incorporates 28 new computers for whole class access. Teachers use the ceiling mounted data projector, screen and speakers to demonstrate new applications, effective internet use and ICT skills.
  • TWiST STIC (science and technology interactive centre): home to a large collection of children’s literature, information books, teacher resources as well as iPods and iPads.
  • School history:  our trophy collection and historical memorabilia is housed in the TWiST foyer.  In addition, we have a large history wall, capturing large photographs of our school's past.  This is always a highlight for visitors to our school, and especially past students.
  • Robotics and Coding Space:  this space is the heart of our school ICT program, well equipped and brimming with the latest technology
  • TWiST boardroom:  this room is ideal for case meetings and small group instruction.
  • classroom reading storeroom:  this section of the TWiST contains our school collection of readers for classroom reading instruction.  General borrowing is not permitted by students in this area.  This is a teacher only zone.  Teachers also have access to the teacher reference section.
Weekly use of the library provides all children with the opportunity to develop information skills and a love of literature. All classes have weekly timetabled borrowing times. Children can also borrow library books independently as often as they wish.

Several outdoor learning areas which are used for internet cafes and break out spaces are also incorporated in the TWiST. 
TWiST interior


TWiST library borrowing and use

The TwiST centre library is open daily for student borrowing from 8.15am-8.40am and then again at lunchtimes as follows:
Monday – Thursday   
Years 1-3:  11.00-11.30am        
Years 4-6: 1.00-  1.30pm
It is requested that each child has a library bag when borrowing resources as this helps protect our valuable resources from wear and tear. Through the school network, teachers and students can access the resource centre catalogue from their classrooms at any time.

Borrowing policy

The following borrowing limits apply:
year 1: 2 fiction books
years 2-3: 1 non-fiction or 2 fiction books
years 4-6: 4 books
The loan period is two weeks however students are encouraged to return their books as soon as they have finished reading them and borrow again. They do not have to wait until their scheduled library lesson to do this.
Students may have borrowing rights restricted due to lost, damaged or consistently overdue books.   We also request that damaged or lost books are replaced by parents to keep our resource collection in good order. 

Reading Knights Program

We encourage students to make use of the library borrowing facilities to complete their Reading Knights challenge and meet their personal reading goals.  The Reading Knights program was introduced in 2013 as an incentive scheme to encourage a love of reading and an increased dedication to home reading.  Students work their way through reading levels to eventually achieve the esteemed status of Knight Master. 
Regular reading through the Reading Knights program (PDF, 795KB) allows students to explore, appreciate and enjoy the English language while experiencing a wide range of literary texts. The Reading Knights Program further aims to develop positive character qualities and work habits in students such as goal setting, determination and perseverance.
As Frenchville students progress through the various levels of reading nights, as stipulated below, they will receive tokens of achievement:
-Page 25 nights
-Apprentice 50 nights
-Squire 100 nights
-Knight 150 nights
-Knight Master 200 nights