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Gifted students

Frenchville State School has a school gifted and talented education strategy (PDF, 821 KB) which outlines options for the identification and support of students with gifts and talents. This program contains surveys for parents and teachers, suggestions for curriculum modification and links to whole school events which support the extension of natural abilities, interests and talents.

Our school approach centres on the multiple intelligences framework (Gardiner). Any whole school initiative is branded with this framework and shows the links to our school-wide pedagogical principles. 

Our expectation is that:

  • every student should be able to achieve their potential based on the identification and nurturing of their own individual blend of intelligences
  • every teacher needs to challenge their pedagogy to include higher order thinking and cooperative strategies, catering for the diversity of learners within the school
  • every school community member should feel confident their local school provides a learning environment which challenges and supports life-long learning and creative, divergent thinking. 


In 2018 we trialled a new program designed to cater for our higher ability students in years four to six.  The BLOOM program (Bringing Learning Opportunities to Outstanding Minds) offers targeted support to our more capable students, providing case management and specific literacy and numeracy extension opportunities.  This program will continue in 2019.