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Students with a disability

The enrichment centre provides services for students with low incidence disabilities. 

Together with the STARS team ('striving to achieve real success'), these sections of our school provide an inclusive approach to the management of students with special needs and staff from these sectors work with classroom teachers to provide the best possible services to students, within the allocation resource models provided to the school.

Teachers or parents can make referral to the special needs referral meeting, conducted fortnightly. Parent referrals are only considered if supported by the classroom teacher’s assessment data. At the meeting, the best course of action is decided and a case manager is assigned to the student if it is deemed that the student is eligible to receive support. If a child is not eligible for support he/she will continue to be monitored periodically by the class teacher and admin staff.

Collaborative planning and teaching to support students experiencing learning difficulties and learning disabilities is a very effective means of maximising student outcomes and one which is strongly supported in our school. A collaborative process provides the opportunity for teachers with different expertise, knowledge or experience to work together to cater better for, and meet the needs of, a diverse range of students. Working together has benefits beyond those that can be accomplished working alone.

Students with learning difficulties and learning disabilities operate in the classroom context for the vast majority of their time in school. It is in the classroom that the barriers to their accessing the curriculum become apparent when they experience difficulties in learning literacy or numeracy. It is therefore appropriate that support programs should help them to break down these barriers, and to operate as active learners in the classroom. It is important to remember that at all times, it is the classroom teacher who has overall responsibility for the learning outcomes of the student.

A separate and unrelated support program can offer students support that matches their immediate literacy and numeracy needs in a general sense, but it does not offer the student the potential for accessing the school and class curriculum. The best support program is that which offers students assistance, tailored to meet their specific learning needs, to access the curriculum.