Student services and support programs


Student welfare and support is very important to us. We have a number of active programs to provide emotional support for learners. We value diversity and aim to recognise and develop the potential of each and every child.

School chaplain

The chaplaincy service at Frenchville State School is an integral part of the school’s caring and supportive network. Support is given to staff and parents in fostering the physical, mental, social and spiritual development of our students. The chaplain provides a listening ear and gives compassionate support to children experiencing personal, spiritual and emotional issues.

The service is provided through the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program, funded by the federal government. Highly positive feedback has been received regarding the impact of chaplains on the lives of young people. The school chaplaincy program adds to our capacity to meet an increasingly complex range of student needs. Your support of this program is greatly appreciated. We are always willing to hear feedback about chaplaincy services and can use commendation letters or emails from parents as part of our annual acquittal process to share the good work our chaplain does at Frenchville. Any such emails can be sent to

The Chaplain extends friendship and pastoral care to students, staff and parents and participates in the life of the school, including special events, sports days, camps, award ceremonies, interschool sport and assemblies. She works closely with admin, teachers and other support personnel to plan events and activities to support students and assists with special needs, transition and behaviour management programs. She facilitates groups, events and activities with voluntary student participation, including lunch time activities and says the school prayer at special school assemblies. She can also assist with coaching sporting teams and encourages participation in extra curricular programs and is available to work with other support personnel in times of tragedy or trauma. 

Our chaplain's name is Chappy Bree (Breanna Packer) and she works Wednesday and Thursday at Frenchville. 

Guidance service

The Guidance officer service at Frenchville is a professional service offering educational assessments, counselling, and advice for parents and staff in how to best meet the needs of students. Regular parenting workshops are also conducted. Our guidance officer is Miss Jodie Cook. The guidance service is operated through a referral model, with staff processing referrals through the student services meetings, held fortnightly. See one of our deputy principals or your child’s teacher for further details.

Learning difficulties

The student services hub of Frenchville consists of two main sectors: The Enrichment Centre and STARS.
STARS stands for 'striving to achieve real success'. STARS provides services for students not meeting year level expectations in literacy and numeracy. In addition, STARS is also the base for Indigenous education support, support for students in care, students in need of speech support, and students with English as a second language. Liaison with a range of visiting personnel including the speech therapist, guidance officer, behaviour support team members and advisory visiting teachers takes place as needed.
Frenchville has two support teachers, literacy and numeracy (STLaNs), and we place our main emphasis on early intervention for our youngest learners. In addition, we purchase teacher aide time and some additional teacher time to support the delivery of programs to students funded through targeted funds including early literacy intervention, intensive teaching support and Indigenous education funds. 
Last reviewed 28 November 2019
Last updated 28 November 2019